Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kendall's interview with Fanlala!

Kendall Schmidt Big Time Rush
Kendall Schmidt is part of what makes Big Time Rush one of our favorite music groups of all time. He makes us laugh on TV and he makes us dance when we’re listening to him, and we’d also be lying if we said he didn’t make us melt a little every time we saw him.
Kendall fans also know that BTR isn’t his only musical project right now. You might have heard ofHeffron Drive, another band that Kendall is a part of. Well we got to talk to him about Big Time Rush AND Heffron Drive, and we’ve got interview right here for you. Check it out!

Fanlala: What’s been the best part about the Big Time Tour so far?  
Kendall Schmidt: Probably meeting so many incredible people.  Everytime I travel to a place and meet the fans, I see so much potential in them.  It's inspiring and exciting to know how big an impact they're going to have on the world.
F: In previous interviews, we learned that there are a bunch of songs that didn’t make the ‘24/Seven’ cut, were any of them ever recorded, and is there a possibility that fans might hear them in the future?  
KS: There are so many awesome songs that didn't make it.  It would be a shame if they never found their way onto another album or promoted as singles.
F: How has being in Big Time Rush helped your music in Heffron Drive?  
KS: BTR has allowed me to experience the full musician experience and brought me into contact with so many talented artists and musicians.  I have no doubt that I will apply so much stuff I learned from BTR to Heffron Drive; I already am!
F: For those who might not be familiar with Heffron Drive yet, tell us about who’s in the band and what the feel of your music is like.  
KS: I was listening to some of our original stuff yesterday and I thought that Heffron Drive's music felt like high-energy pop.  HD incorporates so much inspiration from so many areas that it's hard to define, but to a large extent I'd say it pulls from rock, pop, and dance.
F: What was your first show in Vienna like? Do you have any upcoming performances?  
KS: Vienna was amazing.  I will always remember it because that was it.  That was the beginning, concert number one.  There are no performances planned right now.  I hope to do something when the BTR Summer Break Tour is over.
F: What plans do you have with HD in the coming months?  
KS: I'll be writing more music.  You can never have a large enough database to pull from.
Of course, Kendall had some parting words for us, telling us to “Keep on keeping on.” Couldn’t have said it better! Keep an eye out for Heffron Drive making some noise in the future, and be sure to check out Big Time Rush on Fanlala Radio!

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