Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kendall will be taking over popcrush' twitter

You will want to be active on Twitter tomorrow at 4:45 through 5:15PM ET tomorrow, Aug. 27. Why? Because our pal Kendall Schmidt of Big Time Rushand Heffron Drive will be taking over the PopCrush Twitter account and talking directly to YOU!
Don’t all scream at once.
During those precious 30 minutes that Schmidt commandeers our Twitter handle, he will be fielding questions from fans and Rushers that are tweeted @popcrush. He will answer the questions live and in real time.
If you miss it or can’t be on Twitter at that time, don’t worry about it! We’ll be publishing a recap of the Kendall Schmidt Twitter takeover so you can see all of his answers. But if you can tweet during this time, get those thumbs in shape and start tweeting.
So PopCrushers and Rushers, think about what you want to ask Kendall Schmidt and then plug in tomorrow at 4:45 so you can pose those queries directly to the singer. It’s like having a convo with him in the space of 140 characters.
Source: Tumblr

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