Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Girl according to Kendall

Question- What's the first thing you notice about a girl?

Kendall- Eyes, smile, stuff like that. Sometimes I think it's more than just the way that someone looks, I think it's a chemical thing. It's really cool sometimes when you're just like "woah" and you can feel it, you know?

Question- Where do you take a girl on a date?

Kendall- I asked this girl to go to a movie and she was like "what are we in high school?" I was like "I like movies" I also love cooking so I think it's cool to make food for a girl.

Question- What's your signature dish?

Kendall- It pretty much depends on what they like, I can pretty much do it all!

Question- How do Australian girls compare to American girls?

Kendall- I guess in general Aussie girls are a little more forward. In America there are a lot of games. People are more to the point here. In the States it's really confusing.

Question- Your best-ever kiss?

Kendall- probably with whoever I was most comfortable with. It just feels right. You know, a good long solid one - if you can just sit there and have your face attached to someone else's and just be comfortable, it's nice.

Source: I have Big Time Fever on facebook

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