Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kendall talks Heffron Drive with Fanlala!

Kendall Schmidt. Of course you remember him as one part of the Nickelodeon boy band Big Time Rush. But now the boys are starting to move on and do their own thing, but that doesn’t mean the music is stopping anytime soon.
Kendall’s original project, Heffron Drive, is back! And together with BTR guitarist Dustin Belt, they’re heading out on tour starting in November. We got to talk with Kendall about his upcoming tour and future plans in music. See what he had to say!
Fanlala: So what’s next? We read that you’re working on solo music, but your tour says Heffron Drive is going to be a thing. We want to hear straight from the source.

Kendall Schmidt: The solo music and Heffron Drive are really the same thing. There’s a lot of HD music in the works, and not every song will be done by Dustin and I, both. There are a lot of songs that I made, and there’s music that I’m working on now. I’ve always been writing, I haven’t stopped for the last three years. It’s like an exercise and a hobby for me.
F: What is it about Ariana and the Rose that you think will make her a great opening act?
KS: I want this to be a fun show. It’ll be taking place at a lot of smaller places in a more intimate setting. I saw a couple of videos of hers, and she’s very talented. I wanted to give someone a chance to open for me, and she just seemed like the perfect fit. I haven’t met her yet, but I have a feeling it’ll be really cool to share music with her and that she’ll be fun to hang with!
F: What’s the transition from Big Time Rush to Heffron Drive like?
KS: I don’t have to worry about lyrics as much. Now there’s not going to be a whole bunch of cuss words in my music or anything, but I’m more free to think about what I’ve been writing. The change, otherwise, isn’t too drastic. It’s not a world away. I’ll always love pop, and alt music, and electro music. I get to combine all of my favorite things in my songs. I get to write what I love the most. The songs will be very singer-songwriter. They’ll sound very alt, pop, and electro.
F: What will the HD tour be like compared to a Big Time Rush concert?
KS: It’s going to be a lot smaller. I won’t be dancing, just because it’s not that kind of music. It’s funny, at the beginning of my tour career, I didn’t love dancing, but at the end, I really enjoyed myself. On stage I feel pretty awesome.
The HD tour will be a lot smaller, more fun and intimate. I will be singing everything. Before it was me and three other guys, but now it’ll be interesting with me carrying all of the vocal weight. I’ll be doing a lot of shows in such a short of period of time now
F: If you could title any BTR episode that wasn’t “Big Time _________” what would it be, and what would the plot have been?
KS: Oh wow. Uhh… “Big Time Management” is where we could get together and create a management group and just submit what we’re best at, and then we’d figure out a way to profit off of that. BTR was always so goofy, so I think that would be a way to really play towards our strengths!
Kendall Schmidt has come a long way, and to think that there’s still a long road ahead. We are so excited to see Heffron Drive take the stage starting next month with openers Ariana and the Rose and Eric Dash. In the meantime, we’ll be listening to our fave BTR tunes on Fanlala Radio. Download it today and let us know what you think!
Thanks for chatting with us, Kendall!

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