Monday, November 4, 2013

Want to win a Kendall Aussie Pick? Here's how!

Asian Rushers!

 @BTRSingapore and @BTRAustralia are also giving YOU the chance to get your hands on a #KendallAussiePick.

The procedure remains the same:
Just follow/subscribe/like Kendall's twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Facebook. (Links below)

Additionally, you must send @BTRSingapore screenshot proof along with a tweet that states something such as:

"Follow #KendallSchmidt (@HeffronDrive). He's ___ [photo attachment] @BTRSingpore"

(Be sure to fill in the blank with whatever you love about him)

& Shervin will send you a #KendallAussiePick!

- If you do not tag (@BTRSingapore) in your tweet, Shervin will not receive your entry and therefore, it will not be valid.

Have fun!!

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