Monday, January 27, 2014

Sticky Post: BTR Ph is looking for writers!

Hey guys, as you know, our pages have been inactive lately, it's due to the fact that our team is not that big in numbers to the point that we neglect our obligations to update our website and facebook page that is why we would like to invite Pinoy Rushers out there to become writers and post updates about the guys and what they're currently up to.

What you have to do to become a writer?
It's simple really, just email us at OR tweet us at @BTRPhilippines to inquire. :)

What do you have to do?
Basically what you do is to post news about the boys from news articles, to pictures, to videos and basically anything new that pops up related to them. :)

How do i post?
Well, on facebook, posting is pretty easy... if ever you have any questions, you could go on youtube for some tutorials but i doubt you'll need it because blogger is fairly easy to use. All i did was explore a bit and i got the hang of it after a few days. You could do that too! :)

I have more questions...
If ever you have more questions simply email us at OR @BTRPhilippines as well.

To everyone sending us emails, we apologize for not getting back to many of you due to the reasons that we have just shared. We do hope it isn't a hindrance for you all to join our team because we would love to have you all on board! :)

Cheers guys! We're looking forward to your emails and tweets!

-BTR PH Team

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