Saturday, March 8, 2014

Get Parallel on Philippines Radio Project!

Hello Pinoy Rushers and Drivers! We've recently found a post on tumblr regarding 'Getting Parallel on European Radio Project' which the amazing ladies of @1BTREurope have come up with. Our team has decided to apply the same project in order for Parallel as well as Kendall and Big Time Rush to get recognized by not just us but other people who have are not acquainted with our boys and their musical talents so here's what we're going to do:

-Parallel is coming out on iTunes on March 25th so we decided to apply the project @BTREurope is going to do by promoting Parallel on the radio.

-We have a number of radio stations not only situated in Manila but also different parts of the Philippines so due to the fact that Heffron Drive is doing an Asian Tour which would 'possibly' include the Philippines it would be fun and increase the hype if we started promoting not only Parallel and Heffron Drive but also Big Time Rush in the process.

-The plan is, to call,text and tweet as many stations as possible with as many people as possible. Also, we are planning to choose radio stations that we will be calling for the promotions so if you want to suggest a station please tweet us @BTRPhilippines so that we can come up with a list. What we'll be doing is simple, we'll only have to call, text and tweet the said radio stations and that will be it.

-We need as many people as possible so tweet us if you want to help! 

-We know the #KendallNewSingle contest already ended but you can still make posters and hang them around your town, to promote Heffron Drive. If you have other ideas to help make them popular here in the Philippines please feel free to inform us.

-The reason we’re doing this project is because we want Heffron Drive to be more known here in thr Philippines, and to get Parallel playing on the radio!!

-Tweet us, RT our tweets and follow our account for more updates on the project (which is originally @1BTREurope 's idea) or Heffron Drive and Big Time Rush here in the Philippines!


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