Thursday, December 8, 2011

Big Time Rush: Big Time Movie

Lights. Camera. Action! The boys of Big Time Rush are tearing up the screen again. And this time, they're going bigger than ever! If you haven't heard, they've got a major movie in the works, and trust us, it's gonna give you the biggest rush of your life. We've got all the deets on the songs, the story, and the boys filming in Vancouver!
big time rush movie
Kendall SchmidtLogan HendersonCarlos Pena, and James Maslow are doing something a little bit different for their first TV movie. They're incorporating some old school hits! They're set to sing four Beatles classics in the movie; "A Hard Day's Night," "Revolution," "We Can Work It Out," and "Help!"
And the boys are thrilled to be re-recording these famous tunes for the film. Logan told, "We are excited to help introduce the Beatles music to a younger generation. They were such amazing artists we feel so honored to have this opportunity."
Okay, so it's pretty much official that the music's gonna rock. But what BTR adventure is so great, that it's earned its own hour-long movie?! Well, here's a few plot details...In the flick, the boys of BTR land in London to kick off the first leg of their world tour. But after a little luggage mix-up, they find themselves caught up in a 007-esk operation to save the planet. (But we're pretty sure the boys have got this mission in the bag).
But how many days do we have to wait until this feature film hits the tube? Well, the boys are giving us a pretty good idea from their live tweets on location in Vancouver. James chirped, "Down to the last week of filming Big Time Movie. It's been fun but I do miss my own bed. And SoCal weather haha. Xoxo, JM".
Well, looks like we don't have long to wait! (Fingers crossed).


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