Friday, December 9, 2011

Big Time Rush Play Word Association with Elevate Song Titles

Article by Christina Garibaldi
Big Time Rush already have some "big time" plans heading into the New Year. In February, the boys from the hit Nickelodeon TV show will hit road for their "Better With You Tour." The 16-stop trek will be the band's first U.S. headlining tour, and they'll be promoting their recently released second album, Elevate. The boys spent over a year creating their new album and after looking over the track list, we decided to play a little word association with some of their song titles.

"If I Ruled the World"
We asked the guys what they would do if they ruled the world and we got some very interesting answers.
"Cinnamon Roll Wednesday," Kendall said. "Siestas for everyone!" Carlos added.
"Time of Our Life"
What do the boys consider to be the time of their life? "Time of our life has been Big Time Rush," James said. "It’s been the majority of our young years, most of our friends are in college right now, we’ve taken a different path in life because we’ve had this amazing opportunity and honestly, I’ve literally had the time of my life."
Kendall added, "We played a show with Justin Bieber with 65,000 kids at a stadium, and that, nobody gets to experience that."
If the boys of Big Time Rush were invisible for a day, who would they spy on?
"I would spy on Donald Trump because I want to know if that hair that he combs over every day is really there," Carlos joked.
"I want to spy on Oprah to see if she’s super human because she’s that awesome," Kendall said.

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