Friday, December 9, 2011

Demi Lovato & Big Time Rush Stop By Kissmas

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato finally got to meet up with her old friends Big Time Rush again. They all attended the Kissmas in Buffalo, NY. They all had a fun time with each other and were able to help ring in the holidays for there fans. Demi and the band go way back as she personally knew one of the guys before they both became famous. You can find videos of their performances down below.

It is great to see that they had a chance to catch up in person. Maybe they will be able to work together soon or at least do a tour side by side. I am sure that their friendship has helped her since they publicly stood by her. I think that is something more that she needs to keep herself close to at all times. Positive people who are only going to love and care for her. But I am sure that they are all aware of that. It is just good news to know that she was able to see some actual friendly faces that she knows pretty well at the same event.
Do you think that they should work together? It would be interesting since they do have different styles, but I think Demi could play off their weaknesses and they could play off hers. So in the end they would do well, but it would be strange when you consider that they did work for rival networks. Maybe once Big Time Rush breaks free than it can happen.

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