Wednesday, January 4, 2012

RUSHERS! MYX Voting Goes Online!

No more texting! Vote for your favorite music videos via!

We're welcoming 2012 with a bang by introducing the new way
to vote for your favorite music videos!


No more texting and spending load on voting! 

Support your favorite music videos and artists for FREE!

Voting is open to ALL! Now, anyone in the world can vote for their favorite music video on MYX!

To vote, just register and log on to and input the title of the video and artist on our poll window at the Frontdoor!

Please follow the format:

                                                       Title of the Video - Artist name

                                    ex. Music Sounds Better With You - Big Time Rush

Make sure you log on everyday to support your favorite artists!
And you may see your favorite videos on the various MYX charts! 

You can also see if your video of choice made it to the charts by watching the streaming of  MYX Daily Top Ten here on from Monday to Friday
at 8:00 PM (Philippine Time).

Spread the word and let's start 2012 voting ONLINE!


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