Saturday, February 18, 2012


We’ve been on a fair few press days interviewing some of the whitest teeth in the world, and one thing we’ve learnt from this is that American celebs can interpret ANY question so that they end up giving the an answer like this: “Oh yeah, like I’m just really grateful for the opportunity, I’ve done so much growing and changing and learning. You know – as a person?”*
So when we interviewed the very charming Big Time Rush, we thought we’d cut the crap and ask them how much growwwing and chaaanging and learrrning they’ve done.
They began with a comedy answer, but their media trained, Nickoldeon ways soon crept in. We guess you just can’t get in the way of the growing and changing.

They brought “evolution” into it. Genuis.
Anyway, we love these guys, they made us laugh a lot and didn’t even bother lying about the fact that Lauren has clammy hands, we admire their honesty.

source: sugarscape

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