Saturday, February 18, 2012

Big Time Rush Spills On Pre-Show Rituals, One Direction, Romance & Girlfriends

big time rush better with u tour las vegas

Big Time Rush just recently kicked off their tour in Las Vegas and Celebuzz caught up with the fine young lads before they hit the stage. James MaslowLogan HendersonKendall Schmidt and Carlos Pena, Jr. sat down to chat with us about everything from tour life to the most romantic thing they’ve done for a girl.
What are the guys’ pre-show rituals? Who did they spend Valentine’s Day with? Watch the videos above and below to find out!
According to Kendall, he got in touch with his inner romantic when he sent flowers to a girl who was working halfway across the world. Meanwhile, Carlos dished about how he ruined a romantic evening with his girlfriend when he accidentally lost his wallet. Logan reminisced about a past hot air balloon date while James told us about how he truly spent his V-Day.
source: celebuzz

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