Monday, September 10, 2012

Big Time Rush causes ‘tween hysteria at Van Andel Arena

Woo Hoo! That wasn’t just an exclamatory shriek Sunday night as Big Time Rush bounced into Van Andel Arena. It was actually a key lyric of this bubbly boy band and its audience’s frame of mind.

The 4,000 to 5,000 concertgoers, tons of young girls (and some boys) and their parents or besties, woo-hooed the whole evening as the fun four — Logan, Kendall, James and Carlos — jumped on a trampoline, performed back flips, sang buttery ballads to make your knees go weak, and basically punched up the pep with their mega-upbeat moves and tunes.

The made-for-TV band, comprised of four “super cute” singer/hockey players, were live and in person at the arena, causing their fans to experience various levels of hysteria and/or shock. My 7-year-old daughter was in the latter category, taking in the sight of her favorite TV show coming to life before her eyes in a subdued fashion.

Not so most of the concertgoers, who made the floor shake as they jumped up and down in time with the bounciest ditties on planet Earth. The fans turned posters into an art form, waving poster boards with glitter letters pronouncing, “I heart James/Logan/Carlos/Kendall” and “Do you belieb in lub?” (Must be a show thing). Sign-bearers were rewarded when they were asked by the band to raise their posters high as the four were photographed with a sea of signs behind them.

My girl remained subdued, even when band members stood upon risers three feet from us and sang passionately about … something. I was too busy trying to shield us from the mob that quickly descended.

She was having fun, but then again it could have been overwhelming. The light show alone was a blitz of zapping lights and flashing neon colors and images. I was actually impressed with the stagecraft at times. And the trampoline in the middle was a fun touch — woo hoo, indeed!

“Boyfriend” and “Worldwide” were extremely well received. For the latter, each member of BTR brought a lucky girl onstage to sing along, or just sit there in awe, burst into tears, grin hugely — whatever felt right. It was sweet to see how gentle the guys were with these young fans, especially Carlos and the little girl he brought onstage. “Worldwide” ended with YouTube videos of global fans singing the tune.

By the time “Windows Down” rolled in, the arena was full throttle hyped — the screaming, jumping, and pure adoration at a fever pitch only known to these kinds of shows. Yup, a grand and woo-hooin’ time was had by all. If only the show could have started sooner, it would have been even more fun. By 10 p.m., some kids were actually asleep. Aussie heartthrob Cody Simpson stoked the fires of ‘tween crushing with his opening set.

The 15-year-old was at his best while playing his guitar and strumming to beach bum tunes. Left to his own devices, he pandered a bit too much, shaking his booty, winking, waving, asking if he could take his jacket off (duh). Less is more, kid. Still, he has a killer accent and a pretty voice, even with his jacket on.
Leon Thomas III, of “Victorious” fame, opened with a short but punchy set of high energy R&B.

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