Monday, September 10, 2012

Big Time Rush Give Toronto Fans Everything And More!

In what was undoubtedly the ultimate night out for teen girls, Big Time Rush stopped into the Molson Ampitheatre in Toronto this weekend with Cody Simpson, Tyler Medeiros and Victoria Duffield for the Big Time Summer Tour.

Much like The Monkees from days gone by, Big Time Rush is firstly a successful Nickelodeon television program and mostly a recording and touring band on the side. But for those of us that might not know the history, the stage was quite large, the effects were grand and the music was performed as if touring was their only pastime. The Toronto gig was the 50th show of the tour and was made all that more special when rap superstar Flo Rida hopped on stage for an impromptu performance of Whistle and Wild Ones during Tyler Medeiros’ set.

Much like KISS and Motley Crue, who return to Toronto on Sept. 13, Big Time Rush are all about the fans, giving them everything they want without a care in the world for what the critics think – bright lights, costume changes, lots of jumping around and grandiose songs with plenty of harmony and catchy lyrics. The guys gave their all and were dripping in sweat by the time the second song of their near two hour set began.

The show incorporated original music from the albums and TV show, with the exception of a short Beatles tribute with Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr., and Logan Henderson soloing through a couple of the Fab Four’s classics.

As for the openers, Cody Simpson is pretty much the Australian version of Justin Bieber and had the girls screaming throughout his set. Simpson looked great on stage, although awkward at times with his robotic dance moves.

Toronto’s Tyler Medeiros has already performed on the same stage as Pitbull and Flo Rida and tonight’s performance was the best I’ve ever seen from him. Even though he had to drop his trademark routine of removing his shirt for the song Girlfriend (at the request of the tour producers), he more than made up for it with his unique energy and bravado. Having Flo Rida pop up on stage with you doesn’t hurt either.

Starting off the show with a short set was BC’s Victoria Duffield who got the crowd going with a performance that was a tiny bit reminiscent of a younger Britney Spears. Her latest hit Shut Up and Dance rocked the crowd.
The Big Time Summer Tour was not for everyone, but for those who were there, it was a great night out at a safe show with thousands of people enjoying the positive vibes.

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