Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big Time Rush’s Kendall Schmidt and Bro Kevin Schmidt Talk Training Pet Pig Yuma: ‘If Babe and Wilbur Can Do It, She Can Do It!’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Watch out, Glitzy! There’s a new pig on the Hollywood scene — and she’s ready to be a big time star.
Big Time Rush star Kendall Schmidt and his brother Kevin Schmidt are proud of Kev’s pet pig Yuma, who has been hard at work, training for her big screen debut. It seems talent really does run in the Schmidt family — even the family pets are stars!

“I think Yuma would make an awesome animal star,” Kendall told Celebuzz. “If Babe and Wilbur can do it, she can do it!”
What else did Kendall and Kevin have to say about adorable Yuma? 
Of course, to make it in Hollywood, you have to have more than just good looks. “Yuma is smart, like, really smart,” Kendall said. “I can’t tell whether Kevin is training Yuma or Yuma is training Kevin!”
But what does proud pop Kevin have to say about Yuma’s diligent training efforts?
“Yuma is a spoiled pig,” Kevin told Celebuzz. “It’s been awesome to channel her focus into something constructive. She actually takes pride in learning new things. It’s pretty cool to see.”
When they’re not busy training Yuma, the Schmidt bros — including older brother Kenneth —  are hard at at work making music and launching their new project,, a site designed to educate the public on the commercial food production system known as Aquaponics.
Kendall is so passionate about the project, he recently wrote a letter to First Lady Michelle Obama asking for her support.
“My family and I have been interested in aquaponics for many years now,” he told Celebuzz back in September. “The traditional method of food production — farming outside cities and trucking it all in — seems to make less and less sense as transport costs increase …  Plus, there’s the nutrient loss to consider.”


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