Saturday, November 17, 2012

Big Time Rush’s Kendall Rides ‘Windows Down’ in His New BMW Hybrid

How many 22-year-olds do you know who can claim to be the proud uncle of a pet pig and the proud owner of two BMWs?
Well, there’s Big Time Rush lead singer Kendall Schmidt, who’s been spotted in Los Angeles walking brother Kevin‘s pig. Yuma. Though these days, Kendall is driving around windows down in his shiny new BMW.
The “Windows Down” singer purchased a glacier silver metallic 2013 BMW Hybrid 3 on Tuesday. The sports car costs over $64,000, and as a testament to the boy band’s commercial success, this is Schmidt’s second BMW.
A source close to Schmidt told Celebuzz the singer chose the BMW Hybrid because it was eco-friendly. Schmidt originally eyed another luxury vehicle, but his father Kent Schmidt was on hand to steer his son in the right direction. Schmidt also took the time to pose with his young fans before speeding off in his new ride.


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