Is Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt off the market?

Say it isn't so!

No worries, the band member isn't married, yet. However, at a meet-and-greet yesterday, Kendall almost got roped into tying the knot...with a fan!

Out of the thousands of Rushers who waited for hours at the Chandler Fashion Center in Chandler, Arizona, to meet the band, one overly-enterprising admirer tried to get him to sign a marriage certificate! 

Luckily, one of BTR's security guards saw something that looked like a contract instead of an album cover or photo and stopped Kendall from signing it. When they took a closer look, they realized it was some kind of marriage license or certificate!

We're not sure what she was thinking. It would never have held up in court. Regardless of the almost-mishap, Kendall still tweeted positive thoughts about the Arizona meet-and-greet.