Friday, January 4, 2013

What Makes James Maslow Mad?

james maslow big time rush

We all know James Diamond can be sensitive about a few things (don't touch the hair!), but does his real life counterpart James Maslow ever get annoyed? Well, according to his interview with Popstar Magazine, the answer is yes. Hey, he is human! But he definitely knows how to turn that frown upside down, 'cause he also dished on who makes him laugh the most!
james maslow big time rush

"I'm generally pretty easy going, at least I try to be," James explained. "But driving, in traffic, especially in Los Angeles. Don't do it." We'll take his word for it! But now that we know what makes James' blood boil, what makes him as happy as a clam? Comedians! And lucky for James, there's one constantly by his side. "I think it's always funny to see somebody with a dry sense of humor, especially when you wouldn't expect it," he said. "I think that a lot of jokes that are under somebody's breath but other people don't catch, that you hear out of the corner of your ear...are hilarious."
james maslow big time rush

But there's one funny guy in particular that really gives James the giggles. "The funniest person I know I gotta give props to Logan," James explained. "Him and I everyday crack each other up on the show. We all four of us in the band have a very similar sense of humor, but Logan and I especially I think just mesh in that way with a very dry sense of humor, and he's such a great actor, we just go back and forth until one of us breaks."


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