Wednesday, May 22, 2013

“Big Time Rush” Recap: Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

The boys of Big Time Rush return to our televisions after a long week that seems to have smoothed out all of their near-catastrophic business problems and left them with harder-hitting, more emotional ones: specifically, none of them can stop LYING.

First off, Lucy has moved back into Palm Springs, and she won’t leave Kendall alone, which really grinds my gears—and Jo’s. It’s like, Kendall and Jo are just trying to enjoy some time at the pool, and Lucy just scampers on up in their business and sits between the two of them, holding her stupid guitar and stupid songwriting notebook. I don’t think so. She’s really annoying, I think. The rest of BTR try to “act natural” when they see her, only “act natural” to them means like play harmonica and do jumping jacks, which makes me giggle. All Lucy has to say is that she needed to do what made her happy, so she moved back into Palm Springs. Yeah right Lucy! We know you’re up to something.
Honestly though, the next time Jo and Kendall try to spend quality time together, might I suggest they don’t try listening to the radio? Station after station is playing Lucy’s stupid hit single, “You Dumped Me (For Her?)” and it is driving Jo nuts. Kendall accidentally takes the elevator with Lucy, and runs out when she eggs him on and tries to kiss him. Freaked out, Kendall runs to his mom and Katie for help, who, of course, offer opposing advice. Mom is like, “Tell the truth!” and Katie is all, “Just lie!” and Kendall just does not know what to do with himself.
The next time Kendall and Lucy take the elevator together, Jo is standing right outside it when it opens. Obviously Jo is piiiiiiiiiissed. “Did something happen in there?” Jo asks Kendall, who battles with angel-devil versions of his mom and sister on his shoulders again. Kendall can’t get it together, and feels bad, so he just says “No,” prolonging the tension. Mo shows up behind Kendall to inform him that his pants are actually on fire, which instantly becomes my favorite part of the episode. Physical comedy is def this show’s strength, I’d say. I mean that as a high compliment.
(I forgot to mention the B story. During the Lucy fiasco, Carlos and James idiotically decide to bowl in the hallway outside Gustavo’s office. When the lemon-lime soda that was supposed to be acting as the ball rolls into Gustavo’s office and explodes, the boys lie, tie themselves up, and pretend that mysterious pirates came in and trashed the award-laden office. Like Kendall’s, their storyline also involves learning how and when to tell the truth—and when to not fall for the ol’ detective trick of admitting ’cause you feel guilty.)
Kendall and Jo share a sweet reconciliation at the end of the episode, NOT uninterrupted by damn Lucy, who apologizes for creating drama. Lucy just needed fodder for her new album, guys, she wasn’t really interested in Kendall this whole time.
Someone get Lucy outta here! Now that she’s friends with Jo, does that mean she’s never going to leave? I don’t know why I’m so preoccupied with her– it might be those awful red streaks.

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