Friday, August 2, 2013

New Zealand Boy Band Titanium

For New Zealand, the boy band scene is dominated by six guys and one word: Titanium. With an album that’s gone Gold and is headed towards Platinum, we think it’s safe to say that these guys are kind of a big deal.
We got to chat with the six guys, ZacTaylorAndrew PapasJordiWebberShaquille Paranihi-NgaumaHaydn Linsley and T.KParadza, about their music and even their collaboration with Kendall Schmidt and Logan Henderson of Big Time Rush.

Fanlala: For people who might be unfamiliar with your music, how would you describe it?
Titanium: Right now we’re in the pop and R&B genre. We sing, we dance. The way we harmonize is a defining point. You could say that our music is much more organic. It’s not the pop-generated stuff that you’re used to hearing. We use real instruments, and we wow the audience with that.
F: What would people like most about your music?
T: Our voices [laughs] A big thing that we focus on is our sound. What we sound like on the record is what we want to sound like live. We try and push each other to sound the same in studio like we do in concerts.
And the stuff we write about, the meanings are more relatable. When we started, Bruno Mars was a big influence for us in terms of sounds. But we also have a bunch of artists that inspire us individually. Michael JacksonMichael BubleChrisBrownUsherNicki Minaj are all artists that some of us are in to.
F: How did you guys get involved with Kendall and Logan?
T: Our manager set all of that up. He went to LA, met with BTR’s manager. He’s the one that linked us up. We got a track written by Kendall - haven’t met him yet. That’s being saved for the Nickelodeon Slime Fest, which is the same as the Kids’ Choice Awards.
F: Tell us about the song that the BTR guys wrote for you.
T: The song is called “Unarmed.” It’s a mature sounding track, very different from the usual uptempo music that we’re known for. It’s a more emotionally deep kind of song. People can connect with it in terms of young love, and young heartbreak.
F: Have you ever been to the US? Would you consider a United States tour?
T: Some of us have, we haven’t all been as a group. It’s the next step for Titanium, though. Hopefully as a tour. It’s all in the works and is something that’s high on our list. We’d love to go on tour with Big Time Rush.
Our previous tours have been nationwide in Australia, we had a tour bus with our faces on it and we hit 15 shows in 16 days. They were all sold out. We’ve toured New Zealand twice and have hit all the major cities. We’d love to go on tour with BTR.
F: What is a Titanium concert like?
T: We’re more theatrical. We sing and dance, and there are portions where we act out a few things. We like to get the crowd involved, we’re all about crowd involvement. We bring a girl from the audience and sing to her on stage. It’s the full Titanium experience.
F: What do you have lined up for the coming months?
T: The biggest thing, next month, is that we’re going to Australia. We’ll be meeting Big Time Rush, and there will be a lot of press. We also have a big surprise for our New Zealand fans and potentially the world. We’ve also been writing together with people and we just want to get a bunch of songs out.
A year from today, we’d LOVE to be playing at a sold out Madison Square Garden event.
Before we parted ways, Titanium wanted to tell their fans that “impossibilities are unacceptable, and thank you for always supporting us. We can’t wait to come over to the states to introduce ourselves and our music and to meet our fans.”
Check out Titanium’s music video for their single “Come on Home” down below. And don’t miss out on all of the awesome music that you can find on Fanlala Radio!

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