Friday, August 2, 2013

Ryan Newman Dishes on “Big Time Rush” Series Finale


It’s hard to believe that “Big Time Rush” is coming to an end!
The series finale of the hit Nickelodeon show airs this Thursday and it will an hour special full of familiar faces. The episode will feature Nick Cannon, , Ryan Newman, Alexa Vega, Austin Mahone, Karmin, Mindless Behavior and Fabio. In “Big Time Dreams,” airing Thursday, July 25, at 8:00 PM ET/PT, it’s the Tween Choice Awards, and BTR is nominated and booked to close the show. However, their night is in jeopardy when the guys uncover an evil plan to brainwash the audience. Now BTR must find a way to defeat the bad guy, save the show, and still make sure their dreams come true.
We had a chance to chat with Ryan Newman about it was like being a part of this big episode.

-What can you tell us about your character in “Big Time Dreams”? I am actually playing myself!
-How was it working with BTR? It was so amazing working with the Big Time Rush boys! They are all so sweet and welcoming.
-James has been on your show & set, what was it like going over to the BTR set?It was great to get to work with James on his turf this time! He and the rest of BTR made me feel right at home.
- There’s a lot of great guest stars in this episode. Did you get to work with them?I got to work with James, Kendall, Carlos, Logan, and Malese Jow.
-You’re a reporter in the episode. What celebrity would you love to sit down with and interview? I would love to interview Jennifer Lawrence! She seems like so much fun and such a character.
-What do you think fans will love most about the episode? Everything! It’s super action packed with a lot of funny, talented people.
-Were there any fun bloopers or stand out moments in between takes with the cast? In between takes, we had a set malfunction when the banner on the purple carpet fell on me. It provided everyone with some additional entertainment! Other than that, we just joked around and had a blast together.


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