Saturday, September 22, 2012

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Kendall and Kenneth Schmidt

Kendall Kenneth Schmidt White House
Last month, Big Time Rush played the event of a lifetime as they took their music to Washington DC for a show at the White House!  Now that their tour is over (we talked to them while they were still on the road,) you’d think they’d be taking a break - not the case!
We got to ask Kenneth and Kendall Schmidt a few questions about the BTR performance at the White House and some projects that they’re working on - want to know what?  Check it out below!

Fanlala: Did you meet the entire Obama family?  What were they like?
Kendall Schmidt: This is the second time I’ve met the first family at the White House. However, Michelle and the girls did sit next to us at the KCAs this year, which was a lot of fun by the way.
They really are great people... present, intelligent, and charismatic.

F: Can you tell us firsthand about the event that you performed for in Washington DC?
KS: It was a really chillaxed acoustic performance.  About halfway through the set we asked if anyone wanted to come sit at the front of stage and sing along with us.  The White House has been good to us.

F: Do you have any advice for those who want to get involved about the upcoming election, even for kids who aren’t old enough to vote?
K&KS: Well, the minimum age to vote is 18, but no a minimum age to start educating yourself about the issues facing Americans today.  The internet is the world’s largest digital encyclopedia.  There's seemingly infinite information available at our fingertips.  If you have a desire to learn about the world, you can with the internet.

F: Are there any non-BTR side projects that you guys work on as a sibling team?
K&KS: Absolutely!  We just launched our website as a portal to connect businessmen and woman from around the world who interested in investing in urban agriculture.  Healthy and sustainable foods are a huge passion of my family and aquaponic technology is the perfect tool to modernize traditional farming methods.

F: We at Fanlala know it’s never too late to begin planning for the holidays.  Do you guys have any Halloween costumes ready?
KS: I haven't put much thought into mine just yet, but I'm going to tie a blanket aroundYuma.  She'll be a pig in a blanket!

F: Now that your tour is nearing its home stretch - what’s in store for BTR fans in the coming months?
K&KS: We've got a South American tour coming up late September and into October. After that I'm taking a much need vacation... destination to be determined!  The guys and I start back on the fourth season of BTR January 2013.  Also, we're working on our third album so keep your ears perked for news about that.

Stay at the ready for Kendall and Kenneth’s upcoming projects, and of course you won’t want to miss out on the new season of ‘Big Time Rush’ coming soon.  We always love talking with the members of BTR!

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